Approved RTO | CASA Approved

Helicopter Flight Training

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy provides Helicopter Flight Training, from abinitio to advanced pilot training.

Ratings and Endorsements

Becker Helicopters is able to provide a full range of ratings and endorsements, including Instrument, Night, Night Vision Goggles, Type Training, and Instructor Rating and Training Endorsements.

CASA Approved | Approved RTO

Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy is a CASA approved flight training school, as well as an approved Registered Training Organisation (RTO) under the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) approved to issue academic qualifications; and authorised to train international students through CRICOS.

Becker Helicopters Flight Instructors with the Fleet

Proven Record of Flight Training

Since 1995, Becker Helicopters has been training Australian and international students and has issued more than 500 private or commercial helicopter licences.  According to the testimonials of many of our past students now working around the world, training at “Beckers” is regarded as one of the best starts you will get. Our team of experienced and dedicated instructors can impart real life flying/working experiences in the delivery of your training.

What We Offer

Ratings and Endorsements

  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Night VFR Rating
  • NVIS Rating (Night Vision Goggles)
  • Low Level Rating Helicopters
  • Low Level Rating: Slight Operations Endorsement
  • Aerial Application – Firefighting
  • Type Training – Single Engine Helicopters
  • Type Rating – Multi-Engine Helicopter B427
Becker Helicopters Flight Instructors lined up in front of the helicopter fleet

Flight Instructor Training Endorsements

Becker Helicopters is able to provide the following Flight Instructor Training Endorsements.

  • Grade 3 Training Endorsement
  • Grade 2 Training Endorsement
  • Grade 1 Training Endorsement
  • Flight Instructor Rating Training Endorsement
  • Instrument Rating Training Endorsement
  • Night VFR Rating Training Endorsement
  • NVIS Rating Training Endorsement
  • Low Level Rating Training Endorsement
  • Sling Operations Training Endorsement
  • Formation Flying Training Endorsement
  • Class Rating Training Endorsement
  • Design Feature Training Endorsement

Flight Review

A flight review is an opportunity to receive training that refreshes your flying skills and operational knowledge. Pilots undertake flight reviews to ensure they continue to be competent flying particular types of aircraft or exercising the privileges of an operational rating.
After gaining a qualification, it is normal for some skills to deteriorate over time. A flight review ensures your piloting skills remain – or are brought back up – to standard.

Flight reviews are also used to meet the International Civil Aviation Organization’s requirement for countries to ensure pilots continue to be competent exercising the privileges of their licences and ratings.

Flight reviews are conducted for:

  • Aircraft class rating: every 24 months
  • Aircraft type rating: every 24 months
  • Private instrument flight rules rating: every 24 months
  • Night visual flight rules rating: every 24 months
  • Low-level rating: every 12 months.

Proficiency Checks

A proficiency check is an assessment of your skills and knowledge in a particular operational area. Pilots are required to undertake proficiency checks to ensure they continue to be competent conducting particular kinds of operations.

To meet the proficiency check requirements for a rating you need to demonstrate competency against the relevant units.

At the end of a successful check the flight examiner will enter the details in your licence and send a notice to CASA to update your records. Reference is made to the appropriate sections of the MOS in preparing a proficiency check assessment.

The following proficiency checks are prescribed under Part 61:

  • Instructor Rating proficiency check every 2 years
  • Examiner Rating proficiency check every 2 years
  • Instrument Rating proficiency check (IPC) every year
  • Aerial Application Rating proficiency check every year
  • Night Vision imaging System Rating proficiency check every year
  • RPL – Recreational Pilot Licence
  • PPL – Private Pilot Licence
  • CPL – Commercial Pilot Licence

Limited Placements

Currently all individual pilot licence placements and enrollments are fully booked until July 2020, however advanced training is still available.

Group or corporate bookings with 5 students or more are still available (subject to schedule). 

Accreditation, Approvals and Recognition

Becker Helicopters is:

  • CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) approved and accredited as a flight training school under CASA
  • Registered Training Organisation (RTO) accredited by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) which authorises us to issue qualifications under the Australian Qualifications Framework
  • Approved through the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS) to enrol international trainees under Australia’s student visa conditions
  • Recognized by Fort Rucker, who accept our military graduates for advanced flight training.

As such, Becker Helicopters can issue both Civil Aviation qualifications, as well as academic qualifications including:

  • AVI5035 – Diploma of Aviation (CPLH)
  • AVI50415 – Diploma of Aviation (IFR)
  • Night VFR Pilot Skill Set
  • Night Vision Imaging Systems Skill Set
  • Formation Pilot Skill Set
  • External Loads Pilot Skill Set

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