On successfully completing the flight training program, the newly qualified aviator is awarded with:

  • The Becker Helicopters Aviator Wings Badge certificate.
  • The Nationally Recognised Training certificates for the academically recognised qualifications, including the Diploma of Aviation (Instrument Flight Operations) Certificate and Statement of Attainment.
  •  An end of phase certificate for each training phase completed.
  • A flight log, detailing their training sorties and hours.
  • An academic performance record, detailing their theory results.
  • A Record of attainment, including a word picture from the Head of School summarising the aviator’s performance, qualifications and recommendations for deployment.
  •  A presentation folder for storing their training records, a gold Parker pen, commemorative plaque, and new flight suit name badge with wings.


Student Pilot Award for Excellence

The student in a graduating group with the top combined score in flight sortie ratings, theory results and student attributes is awarded the Student Pilot Award for Excellence.  With this award the student receives:

  • Student Pilot Award for Excellence certificate;
  • Eagle trophy;
  • Plaque with their name on the Perpetual Eagle trophy kept at the Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy; and
  • A canvas print comemorating their achievement; one for the student to keep, and one that is kept on the wall of the Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy.

Graduation Kit

  • Leather Compendium
  • Plaque
  • Wings Patch
  • Wings Bag Patch
  • Pilot Wings
  • Golden Pen
  • Aircraft Pin
  • Relevant Certificates