Tough Mudder Joy Flights for Charity

These guys have been phenomenal in their preparation of Tough Mudder this weekend. Training since 2012 this race will test their strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. We wish you lots of luck!


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The following is an article from the Sunshine Coast Daily


Photo Caption: Mike Becker from Becker Helicopters, Marcoola, will be a competitor at this weekend’s Tough Mudder event, and is offering charity flights in two of his helicopters above the event.

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WANT to get a the best view of this weekend’s Tough Mudder festivities without getting dirty? While it sounds next to impossible a Sunshine Coast helicopter company is helping to make it happen.

Becker Helicopters is donating its services for the event and offering joy rides over the gruelling obstacle course, all in the name of a good cause.

The company is donating its helicopters, fuel and pilots for the two-day event with proceeds to go to the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation and Legacy.

The joy flights, which will run for about 10 minutes at a cost of $40, will give passengers a bird’s-eye view of the course.

Becker Helicopters, and its founders Mike and Jan Becker, are strong supporters of the Cherish Foundation, which generates funds for gynaecological cancer research.

The subject is close to the heart for Mike and Jan, whose 17-year-old daughter Chase survived ovarian cancer.

Mr Becker described ovarian and gynaecological cancers as silent killers and said more research was needed.

“We decided this was a good way to give the foundation a kick along,” he said.

“Everyone likes a flight and we’re happy to donate our machines for a couple of days.

“And even if people don’t want to take a ride, we’re happy to take a donation.”

We acknowledge and thank the Sunshine Coast daily for the article and the photo.


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Thanks to an amazing 428 passengers who flew in our helicopters at the Tough Mudder Weekend! You have contributed a staggering $17,120 to two wonderful causes! And with the final contribution of $3,000 from Becker Helicopters we are happy to donate $18,000 to the Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation and $2,000 to Legacy.

Thanks to the Tough Mudder organisers and support crew for allowing us to fly. You guys are brilliant!

In case you weren’t there check out the Tough Mudder Official video (Check out the Becker’s team, “Oscar Originals” at 0:24 and 1:52 sec.

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