Roles and Responsibility

Student Services

Student Services are responsible for helping you with any queries you have about administration or accounts.

Flight Program Director

The Flight Program Director is responsible for helping you with any queries you have in regards to the course syllabus or your progress on the course.

Flight Instructors

Your Flight Instructors are responsible for all your training needs.  They will conduct a good ground brief prior to your training flights and a debrief after you land.  Ask them to clarify any training situations or board brief so you get the best value of your training sessions.

They will sit down and plan your flight schedule for the day or the week.  If you need to change the times please notify them so that other students can be slotted into your training schedule, and so nobody is inconvenienced.

They are also responsible for keeping your training records up to date and the continual evaluations of your performance and progress.


Theory Instructor

Our instructors are passionate about helicopters: teaching about them as well as flying them!

Our theory instructors successfully teach students to pass the theory with a better test result than the industry average.  The secret?  Pre-read and study hard.  If you don’t pre-read or if you don’t set yourself a study routine you will fall behind.   Put the hard work in today.