What will Happen on my First Day


Upon arrival at Becker Helicopters you will:

  • Be introduced to the Team and Students
  • Be given an orientation of the premises and facilities
  • Receive your text books, documents, name labels and other flying equipment
  • Be informed about school and theory class start and finish times
  • Overview your financial accounts with Student Services.

Please bring

  • 3B lead pencils
  • A writing pad with multi holes to put into a folder
  • Good quality white rubber/eraser
  • Small calculator
  • Blue/black/red pens
  • 3 coloured highlighters
  • Yellow/pink/green 3M plastic flags
  • Alarm clock
  • Pencil case
  • Clear plastic ruler (be sure the measurement lines are marked to the end) ie:


Induction Checklist

To help you familiarise yourself with the Student Handbook and the daily routine of flight training (theory and flight operations) make sure you have done the items on our checklist below:


Check Read Description
Code of Conduct Make sure you understand the Code of Conduct, and what is expected of you.
Student Handbook – 

Policies and Procedures

Make sure you understand the:

  • Training Standards
  • Company Privacy
  • Grievance Procedures
  • Payment Policy
  • Trainee and Support Services
Student Handbook – 

Safety and Security

  • Safety around helicopters
Student Handbook – 

School Operations

  • Safety Program
  • Flight Instructors
  • Course Pace
  • Pre-flights, greasing and washing
Read the Fire and Emergency Procedures
  • Emergency Control Team
  • Important phone numbers in case of emergency
  • Procedures on evacuation, accidents, bomb threats and helicopter awareness