General Facilities


Tea, coffee, water, toasters, microwave facilities are open to help yourself.  Please keep the kitchen clean after use and wash your dishes.


The fridge is located in the kitchen area.  If we are low on milk please advise OPSO.

Garbage / Rubbish Bins

There are garbage bins in all the rooms as well as under the kitchen sink.  Please use this bin to dispose of food scraps/coffee paper/drink bottles and not the classroom.  Be courteous of disposing plastic, bottles and cardboard wastes in the recycle bin under the sink.

The green (normal waste) and yellow (recycle) wheelie bins are located on the side of the building.   Garbage collection day is Thursday.


Smoking is prohibited in the building, around the helicopters or any fuel or oil areas.  We ask that you respect others and smoke away from them.  Ashtrays are provided outside the office.  Please do not litter the ground area.

Toilet Etiquette

We ask you to keep all toilet areas clean.  If it’s your mess then you must clean it up.  There are no cleaning fairies to clean up after you.  We ask that you respect the fact that at any one time 20 people are using the toilet several times a day.

Air Conditioning

Please be mindful and keep the classroom, briefing room and office doors shut when the air conditioning is operating.  When the cool air escapes the air conditioner has to work overtime!

Phone and Faxing

If you do not have a mobile and you need to make a call do not be offended if we ask you to use the public phone at the airport.  Our phones are for business only – emergencies excepted.

Laser Printing

In Flight Operations room the laser printer is used for flight training only.


Personal photocopying is $0.50 a page.

DVD’s and Resource Library

All training DVD’s and other resources must not be taken of the premises without the permission of an Instructor.


  • No parking is provided by Becker Helicopters.
  • It is your responsibility to purchase airport parking.
  • Parking outside of airport car park areas is at your own risk.