Flight Apparel (What to Wear)


Clothing and footwear need to be appropriate, safe and protective should you have to land and walk for help.  Absolutely no:

  • thongs (flip flops or jandels)
  • stubbies (shorts)
  • singlets

Cotton shirts

Cotton shirts (such as Becker Helicopter shirts) with long sleeves are best to protect you against sunburn.  Jeans or cotton pants are best for heat and fire protection.  Avoid wearing nylon.


Your boots should be sturdy.  Wear leather boots if you can.

Sun protection

Slip Slop Slap!  Slip on a shirt, slop on a cap and slap on the sunscreen.  We recommend 15+ sunscreen protection on the face, back of hands and arms.  UV quality sunglasses has the least distortion.