Airside Security

Need for security

We need to protect ourselves, our friends and the industry from high to low risks.  We need to protect us from:

  • Fools and idiots
  • Petty theft
  • Malicious damage
  • Identify theft
  • Serious Crime/Terrorism

There are also regulatory requirements and legal ramifications for failing to maintain security.


An Aviation Security Identity Card (ASIC) is required for frequent access to a secure area of a security controlled airport that has Regular Public Transport (RPT) operations.


  • You must wear your ASIC card at all times when at Becker Helicopters facilities.
  • The ASIC card authorises you to go airside.
  • All visitors must be accompanied by an ASIC cardholder.
  • Severe fines apply if found airside without an ASIC Card.
  • If you someone airside without an ASIC Card – Ask them – Do not be shy.

Personal items

Please do not leave bags or valuables unattended.

We recommend having your books and bags labelled with your name.

Building and surrounds

Take responsibility for the security of your surroundings:

  • If you go into a room that was locked, make sure you lock it when you leave.
  • If a room is normally locked, and is found unlocked… make sure it gets locked up.
  • If you are the last to leave, walk around the building to do a security check: make sure windows and doors are locked, valuables to put away, no personal belongs have been left behind.
  • When leaving your accommodation, make sure you leave the apartment / house secure.
  • If something doesn’t look right, do NOT be afraid to ask.