Health and Wellbeing[1][2]


If you become ill or unwell during the course, Becker Helicopters will assist you to find/access suitable medical services and to give every assistance while you are unwell.

The student handbook gives useful information about local medical facilities available.  Please make sure you keep your medical insurance cover up-to-date.


As a pilot, it is important that all medical issues are reported to your Flight Instructor.  Even the common cold or Flu can influence your performance in an aircraft, and have safety implications.

Fatigue, Stress and Anxiety

Getting help

If you are suffering from fatigue, stress or anxiety, you may be approached by a Becker Helicopters staff member to provide assistance.

Professional counselling

Where professional counselling appears necessary, Becker Helicopters can, at your request, arrange a meeting with a counsellor.  Where the counselling involves professional fees, payment of these fees will be the responsibility of the student.

Counselling and Support

Getting help

Students who require any counselling or additional support that cannot be provided by the school can contact these organisations:


13 11 14 (Free call, 24 hours)

Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention.


5479 4755

Counselling service.

Barbara Wood

5444 5659

Psychologist – counselling, grief, life coach, stress & anxiety.


5491 8433

Anglican care and counselling.

Relationships Australia

1300 364 277

Trinity Academy of Science and Philosophy

5476 8122

Life coach, relationships, stress, sex problems, healing, counselling.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

Health Insurance

The Australian Government requires all international students studying in Australia on a student visa to have health insurance cover for their entire stay in Australia.  Health insurance cover is also required for all family members residing in Australia on a dependent visa.  This insurance is called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).

Students who do not have OSHC are in breach of the student visa requirements and risk having their student visa cancelled by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

OSHC Exceptions

All international students studying in Australia on a student visa are required to hold OSHC, however there are two exceptions:

  • Norwegian students covered under the Norwegian National Insurance scheme are exempt from this requirement ; and
  • some Swedish students who are covered by the National Board of Student Aid are exempt from OSHC.

For the OSHC requirement to be waived, we must sight a certificate of insurance from:

  • the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme for Norwegian students; or
  • CSN (the Swedish National Board of Student Aid) for Swedish students.

The certificate of insurance must be presented as soon as possible after your arrival in Australia.  OSHC is available for other Norwegian and Swedish students, who require cover, contact us for advice.

Length of OSHC Cover

Commencing students

New students commencing a course at Becker Helicopters will be required to purchase Visa Length cover to ensure you have OSHC for your entire stay in Australia.  If you extend your studies in Australia, you will need to renew your OSHC to cover the extended visa period.

Continuing students

If you do not have Visa Length cover, it is your responsibility to renew the cover to the full visa period.  Contact us or a health care provider before the expiry of your cover to extend your policy.

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