Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling a Students Enrolment

Student Request

[1]A student’s course of study maybe deferred or suspended due to a request from the student based on compassionate or compelling circumstances.  Compassionate or compelling circumstances can include:

  • severe medical illness to the student or member of their family
  • death in the student’s family
  • the student contracts a medical condition during studies or becomes pregnant
  • the student is involved in a natural disaster
  • any other reason that involves a time delay to the student and is beyond their control
  • In all cases the student will be required to provide documentary evidence to support the requested deferment or suspension and show their request is genuine.


[2]A student’s course of study maybe suspended or cancelled due to misbehaviour by the student.  Areas of student’s misbehaviour include:

  • racial discrimination
  • vilification or bullying
  • sexual harassment towards other students or staff of our organization
  • plagiarism or cheating in their study work
  • inappropriate use of drugs and / or alcohol
  • acting in a manner that creates an unsafe environment for other students and staff or misbehaviour in the wider community that results in the involvement of law enforcement or legal services.
  • Non payment of fees.


Please note that deferring, suspending or cancelling an enrolment may affect a student’s visa.  Students should always contact the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) for advice on how a change to their enrolment status may impact on their visa.

Deferment or Leave of Absence Request

Requests to defer or take a leave of absence from studies must be in writing, and can be presented to the Student Services Manager or Flight Program Director.

Additional documentation to support application must be lodged with the request.


Requests to withdraw from studies must be in writing, and can be presented to the Student Services Manager or Flight Program Director.


  • Students can take a leave of absence if they are unable to continue with flight training due to bad weather or suitable aircraft is unavailable as this could be considered a compelling circumstance.
  • Students should check with DIAC before applying for leave of studies or withdrawing from all studies.
  • While BHS may allow a leave of absence for more than 6 months, DIAC will not recognise it and act to cancel the student’s visa.

[1] NCS 13.2a  |  [2] NCS 13.2b