Student Handbook


Document Overview


The purpose of the Student Handbook is to provide information for students enrolled at Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy.


The Student Handbook is written for students, and should also be read by Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy staff.  This ensures both students and staff have a common understanding of the policies, standards and procedures.


For information, students can also refer to:

  • Course Guides, and
  • Syllabus Guides.


The Student Handbook is divided into the following parts:

  • A – Code of Conduct
    Rules by which staff and students are expected to conduct themselves.
  • B – Learning and Assessment Standards
    The policies that Becker Helicopters follows in order to provide a fair and equitable learning and assessment environment, and also to meet our legislative, regulatory and quality systems requirements, both as a CASA approved Flight School, but also as a Registered Training Organisation.
  • C – Policies and Procedures
    Provides the key administrative policies and procedures.
  • D – Safety and Security
    Provides information on how to stay safe and secure during your time here as a student.
  • E – School Operations
    Provides information about day to day operations around the flight school, including parking, housekeeping, cleaning helicopters, and refuelling.
  • F – Learning and Living on the Sunshine Coast
    Information to help students to settle in on the sunshine coast, for example, transport, banking, medical centres, etc.

Summary of Policies and Procedures

Part C – Policies and Procedures contains the following information:

Summary of Safety and Security

Part D – Safety and Security contains the following information:

Summary of School Operations

Part E – School Operations contains the following information:

Summary of Living and Learning on the Sunshine Coast

Part F – Learning and Living on the Sunshine Coast contains the following information: