Accommodation Options

Arrive Early

We recommend that you arrive at least two weeks before your training starts to organise your accommodation.

Temporary Accommodation

Depending on room availability, we are happy to book a room at a local motel (located 20 minutes walk from the school) whilst you look for permanent accommodation.  We suggest you let us know as early as possible if you would like a room at the motel.

Types of Accommodation

  • Motel accommodation – useful for short term stays – can negotiate rates for longer stays
  • Rent a flat/house – furnished/unfurnished – sign a lease for 3,6, or 12 months
  • Shared accommodation – share a flat/house – various terms and conditions available

  • Motel Accommodation


    Can suit individuals, couples and families. Many use motel accommodation as a short term accommodation solution. Some negotiate long term rates.


    Varies and is negotiable for longer term stays, for example $350 per week at the Pacific Paradise Motel.

    Terms and Features

    The motel rooms are standard and include television, tea and coffee making facilities. With prior arrangement you can also have your meals made at an extra cost.

  • Full Board or Shared Accommodation


    Most suitable for individuals and couples – may not suit families.

    Full Board (includes meals)

    We have several families and homeowners who offer full board, which means they take in boarders providing all meals and sleeping accommodation. This is a good way to go if you don’t mind being on your own with another family. The costs is from $180 per week and they are usually within 5-20 minutes walking time from the airport.

    Shared (does not include meals)

    Shared accomodation cames in many forms and price ranges. Best source of shared accommodation is the newspaper or community noticeboards at local shopping centres. Price generally varies from $100 – $200. May also require payment of shared bills, e.g. power, telephone, food, etc.

  • Rental Accommodation


    If you have a family or wish to rent your own accommodation there are units available both furnished and unfurnished.
    You will have to sign a minimum of a 3 – 6 month lease and  in your rental accommodation you will have to provide all of your own bedding, cooking equipment etc.

    Cost Range

    The cost varies from about $150-$300 per week.

    Real Estate Agents

    You can visit web sites to contact real-estate agents directly about rental accommodation.