12 Steps to Becoming a Pilot!

Only 12 easy steps to follow on your journey to becoming a pilot from choosing the school to raising the finances.


If you are new to Australia or are even just moving out of home for the first time, the accommodation page is always helpful.

How does it work?

What kind of format are the lessons? Can you get credit from a course you’ve previously completed? This page has all the answers.

Info for International Students

This page is dedicated to helping international students from visa applications to English lessons.

Info for Military Personnel

This page provides information for military personnel wishing to train at Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy.

Resources to help you through your Study!

This page lists and displays multiple internal resources and links to other resources you can buy in our Eshop.


International Students

Becker Helicopters has trained people from all around the world and from all different backgrounds. We have a page dedicated to informing International Trainees on what makes our location great for Helicopter Training and Employment.

Why train in Australia?

You’ve probably heard about Australia – our beautiful beaches, the vast outback, our hospitality, the exchange rate, and relatively affordable cost of living are also widely known.  We are regarded as a multi-cultural society – very safe and tolerant of different cultures and religions.  The additional advantages specific to helicopter training in Australia are summarized on our Information for International Students & Trainees page.