Off Planet Simulation Bell 206 Synthetic Trainer.

Off Planet Simulation, a member of the Becker Group of Companies, is proud to announce the completion and certification of our Level B helicopter flight simulators.

Off Planet Simulation brings together engineers and pilots, developing cutting-edge simulation solutions designed to meet real-world training needs. The flight simulators were been developed to set new standards for fidelity levels and breadth of training available from a Level B synthetic training device.

The simulators use realistic flight instruments, dispensing with the flatscreen displays used on other devices in the class. Pilots are immersed into training through the use of stimulated avionics including a Garmin 430 GPS functioning together with an Aspen Evolution PFD and MFD, integrated using bespoke software developed by Off Planet Simulaton. The flight simulator also integrates a two axis HeliSAS. All of this is supported by a continuous visual display that has a total field of view of 210 degrees laterally and 60 degrees vertically.

Everything about this simulator achieves the goal of fully immersive flight training in a Level B device. The flight model and visuals system permits the acquisition of hovering motor-skills, visual operations and emergency flight training including full engine-off touch down autorotations as well as a complete IFR training solution. The immersive visuals and the strong vestibular illusion that they present together with the integrated global terrain model allows pilots to conduct low flying and visual navigation exercises in a high definition visual environment.

The visual allow users to use both VFR and IFR landmarks and radio navigation aids. The database is continually updated through Air Services, Jeppesen and Garmin databases. This allows the flight simulator to be used for all of your day and night training requirements covering VFR, IFR, Night VFR and NVG training environments.

The flight simulator, located at Becker Helicopters at Sunshine Coast airport, is available for all your instrument training and renewal requirements. The simulator is also available to support your Night VFR and NVG training needs.

Check out the video

This is a short promotional video showing the Off-Planet Simulator Helicopter Flight Simulator in action.

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