Mike Becker’s Helicopter Handbook

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Eighteen years in writing, this informative and easy to read handbook on flying helicopters is a must for any student pilot. With the learning pilot in mind it provides graphic details of how the turbine engine works in a helicopter, how to operate a turbine engine, and how to cope with some of the problems you may encounter when operating this type of helicopter.

Captain Mike Becker is one of Australia’s most experienced helicopter instructors.  With over 15,000 flight hours, and recipient of the “Captain John Ashton Award for Flight Standards and Aviation Safety” by the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators of London, Mike’s experience provides invaluable insights and real hands-on knowledge.  Mike Becker has been operating a helicopter flight school since 1995.  As Chief Pilot and Chief Flight Instructor, Mike is managing and operating a fleet of over 20 helicopters and employing a team of more than 30 instructors who deliver over 10,000 turbine training hours per year, with 2,000 of these hours NVG specific.

This theory book converts all this experience into a practical, hands-on guide of over 400 pages.  It takes you through every manoeuvre and flight sequence required in your helicopter training and in your ongoing career – from effects of controls through to sling loads, mountain flying, navigation, low flying and more.  It breaks down the theory behind the flying and takes you step by step through the flying exercise itself.

This book has been tried and tested in the classroom by hundreds of civil and military students from all over the world who have benefited from the concise, informative and practical writing style.   It has been proven by some of the highest Civil Aviation Helicopter theory exam pass rates in FAA, EASA, CASA exam settings, and in the Asia Pacific region.

Written in an easy to understand language.  It contains over 500 photographs, illustrations and diagrams. It is a comprehensive text that is a must for every helicopter student or pilot.

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