Jan is Elected to the HAI Board

We are super excited to announce Jan’s success in being elected placement to the helicopter industry’s international Board – HAI !!
Helicopter Association International (HAI) seeks to advance the international helicopter community by providing programs that enhance safety, encourage professionalism, promote economic viability, and promote the benefits to society that helicopters offer.

Jan put her hand up for the Board membership as a commercial member in September last year, and after an initial global “campaign” she tied with another candidate. This has only ever happened once before in HAI’s 60+ year history . A re-election campaign occurred in March/ April. With a well earned result !!!
HAI will be issuing a press release announcing Jan’s appointment in the next few days. The tenure for her membership is three years.

Jan’s role on the Board is a tremendous opportunity for us all to have some influence over our industry during this tenure. It’s a great time to broaden our individual awareness, get involved, informed, engaged, and have a voice. In this context, all staff members are encouraged to become HAI members and experience what HAI is all about:
HAI Membership link…

Jan won the position of Board member based on:

  • being passionate about safety;
  • being approachable and enthusiastic;
  • having 20 years global experience in the helicopter industry and having a strong international outlook;
  • being the CEO of the largest helicopter training organization in the southern hemisphere being a commercial helicopter pilot;
  • having Board member experience.
  • suggesting HAI would benefit from looking outward at the tremendous talent in the worldwide industry.
  • offering to influence the HAI agenda with a more international voice, achieved by hearing and understanding members’ aspirations, challenges, and successes/best practices.

So lets get involved so we can support Jan and support our industry in the global context !

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