Capt. Jan Becker’s Eye-Opening Work in Tanzania

Jan Becker is on a mission to improve and promote maternal and neonatal health through education, community effort and professional support. She founded a website called that aims to spread awareness, give donations, provide education and information for people and midwives alike. Check it out at

As well as being a commercial helicopter pilot and CEO of Becker Helicopters Jan Becker is a Registered Nurse (RN) and midwife.  Jan’s current challenge is working as a midwife at the Amana Hospital in Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. With the help of her daughter Chase she is working alongside the local medical staff to assist in birthing and improve the health of new born babies and their mothers.

At the Amana Hospital there is usually 80-120 babies born everyday and the infant mortality rate is a long way above western mortality rates.

With the help of many generous donations of clothing and medical equipment as well as Jan’s input there should hopefully be a reduction in this unfortunate statistic.

Jan has created an amazing blog with updates of her experience in Tanzania as well as additional information about donations already received and how to make donations,  Please go here

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