Capt. Jan Becker: Winner of QLD Telstra’s Women’s Business Owner Award

Capt. Jan Becker
Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd

“I lead by example, in the helicopter, the boardroom and with the team. I refuel my own helicopter, clean toilets, wash dishes, take out garbage. I’m not precious, no matter the task.” –Capt. Jan Becker (CEO – Becker Helicopters Pty Ltd)

It all started with a 1961 helicopter called Oscar – a Bell 47. Jan Becker did her first solo flight and passed her pilot’s licence in Oscar, inspiring a dream to teach the next generation of helicopter pilots worldwide. She began a journey in business with a clear vision encompassing her two professional passions – flying helicopters and midwifery. As CEO of Becker Helicopters Jan has been audacious, exploring new revenue streams and driving technological innovation. Under her stewardship of 18 years, the company has experienced a one hundredfold increase in turnover. It’s currently bidding on multi-million dollar contracts that would take it through the next decade. A trained midwife, Jan recently returned from Tanzania where she helped train midwives who deliver 80 to 100 babies a day. She plans to train to become a neonatal specialist resuscitation instructor and set up the first “Helping Babies Breathe” program, assisting Tanzania towards achieving its UN Millennium Goals.

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