International Women’s Day – The Sunday Mail 2001

E People – The Sunday Mail 2001

Women witty and wise explored a gender agenda. Superior stuff, was KEN LORD’s adjudication

The Australian Institute of Management staged its fifth annual luncheon debate to mark International Women’s Day, and scored a sizzler.

More like a twister. The Sheraton couldn’t have squeezed a gasp into its ballroom, and there was a waiting list 100 names long. After five years, AIM has bullseyed a big one, an indication of this city’s fertile interest in the rampant emergence of women in the corporate world.

The subject of the debate was: Do the best women managers manage like men? Now, come on, guys, which teams do you think won? Despite some really raunchy and funny stuff from the positive team, the negatives brought the chandeliers down!

The pertinent question is: Why would a woman want to manage anything like a man? Still, the lunch was a flyer, the hype had wings, and the guys in the room did their best to hold their cool in the face of fairer-sex dominance.

This ripe slab of sharp-edged entertainment will return next year, and AIM should stick a few blokes on the debating teams to see how loudmouths handle savvy lipsticked lipsters.

Jan Becker’s caption read: Chopper pilot Jan Beryce. She presented the raunchiest case for the affirmatives. Funny, too!

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