The fleet of 18 Bell 206BIII helicopters are standardised for consistent flight training.

Our CASA approved maintenance facility ensures timely maintenance to minimise impact on the training program and  enhanced safety.

Glass cockpit technology has been implemented into the fleet of B206BIII Jet Rangers and procedural trainers (simulators)


The AS350D Squirrel helicopter is used for commercial operations including lifting, fire fighting, search and rescue.

The company’s original helicopter, the Bell 47G-2A has recently been fully restored.  It was previously a training helicopter with the Australian Army.

The Robinson R22 Beta II is used for civil training, instructor training and joyflights


There are 4 Bell 206BIII procedural trainer (simulators).  This improves the cost effectiveness and safety of our training

The procedural trainer cockpit configuration is standardised to that of the training fleet of B206BIII Jet Rangers

The Aircraft and Simulators are Night, Instrument, and Night Vision Goggles training certified, with many fitted with autopilot for full instrument flight training capability.