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Our Vision… to achieve the highest standard of Flight Safety and Helicopter Flight Training through proactive teamwork, being relevant and innovative in the latest technologies and methods, applying professionalism, and delivering what the customer wants.


Becker Helicopters has been operating since 1995.

We have learned that being in business, and particularly in an aviation business, is all about the people you have working for you, the relationship you have with your clients, and the connections between these two groups of people.

At Becker Helicopters you will always have a face to a name. We will always go the extra mile to deliver for our clients. We focus on making people welcome, maintaining a safe and professional environment, as well as one that is friendly and fun.


Becker Helicopter Services Pty Ltd has been operating since 1995. At Becker Helicopters we:

  • Operate an international helicopter flight training school including Aviation English, Theory, Simulation, Basic Flight , Advanced Flight, Night, Instrument, Night Vision Goggles, Tactical and Instructor training.
  • Provide customised training including training solutions for allied defence forces, para-military and corporate clients, including the Australian Defence Force.
  • Conduct aerial work including sling loads, fire fighting, search and rescue, aerial surveys, aerial photography and filming.
  • Offer a range to tourism and charter services.

The Group

Becker Helicopters consists of a group of four Companies all with common directors. They are:

  • Becker Helicopter Services as the operating Company holding the Air Operators Certificate (AOC) and the Certificate of Approval (COA) responsible for the maintenance of Company helicopters
  • Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy as the provider of military and civilian helicopter flight training.
  • International Helicopter Theory managing the documentation and intellectual property of our Educational Resources
  • Becker Helicopter Management Services responsible for the executive management of privately owned helicopters of a third party.