Our Philosophy – from the Directors

We take our social responsibility seriously and embrace each day with an affirmative approach so we can showcase Australia, and Queensland, with a most professional international helicopter flight training school and a highly regarded helicopter organisation. We seek to continually improve, innovate and enhance the strengths of the region and our staff to ensure we not only meet the needs of our clients but exceed their expectations.  This reputation attracts global interest and yields profit, provides local and national economic multipliers that benefit our community, and is the basis for business growth.

We believe that this philosophy results in our team of people benefiting. We aim to build a team of colleagues that share the same core beliefs. We foster a culture within the organisation that aspires to not only the deliver quality and professional training, but to also have flow on effects into International and national communities.  This, in turn, creates a society focused not only on profitability and business, but also fosters a collective communal good.

Community and Charity

We support a large range of international, national, and local charities, foundations, and children’s events, both financially and in kind, which give back to the global and local community – see our News pages.  Capt. Jan Becker sits on a number of Boards involved in health care for men and women which aligns to her medical background and her philanthropic bias towards giving back.

We consistently aim to benefit the aviation community and local economy directly through employing locally, supporting our youth by providing employment pathways, using local suppliers and remaining loyal to suppliers that provide us with quality and personalised service – its not just about price.

Our relationship with our Trainees

To our trainees, each of our team gives a piece of themselves. We believe their training experience should not only encompass flight skills but should instil overall personal growth and attitude that hones and develops professional aviators.  In short, we create a lifelong learning “experience”.  We aim to teach life goals and attitudes, not just flying skills. We are a training academy that helps deliver the dream, not just the licence.

Trainees who train with us live locally for extended periods of time which provides a range of benefits to the local economy – accommodation, daily living and schooling for children, cars, holidays, family visiting etc. We go to great lengths to ensure their stay is a pleasantly memorable one.  Our students also enrich our community with diversity of language, food, music, and culture.  This exchange of nationalities and shared ways of life helps create a global village.

Adapting to our environment

We strive to co-exist harmoniously with a growing residential population through the strict adherence to all federal, state, and local laws and aviation regulations. Our flight operations are conducted with the community in mind, with noise minimisation strategies implemented through our own Fly Neighbourly initiatives.  To that end, we have many training areas within State forests to minimise residential noise and we utilise a variety of airports far and wide.

Our Tradition – The Becker Helicopters Story

Mike and Jan Becker have been operating helicopters on the Sunshine Coast since 1995. Originally based at the old Noosa Aerodrome, in an old tin shed, called Noosa Helicopters, it had very humble beginnings.

In 1997 Mike and Jan secured a site at the Sunshine Coast airport and built the business into a fully integrated helicopter organisation, with its own engineering facility; an accredited international pilot training academy for theory and flight training; and authored 25+ books and training DVDs that are sold worldwide.  Building on their success in 2017, Becker Helicopters then went on to establish a base of operations in the Upper Spencer Gulf region of Australia to take the company to the next level.

Our national and international reputation

Becker Helicopters’ Commercial Operations Division provides helicopter management, aerial services, charter, fire management and emergency response.  We have proven to be a key resource in times of flood and fire and other emergency crises.  For example, in the 2011 Queensland Floods Capt. Mike Becker and Capt. Jimmy Orrom rescued stranded people on top of roofs in the Lowood area.  During this time of need Becker Helicopters provided a team of pilots and up to 14 helicopters to the Queensland Government’s flood disaster response.

The Company’s reputation has been built on the quality and professional training and the positive experiences of all its international and domestic students who trained at the training academy.  These students are now working and flying all over the globe in varied helicopter roles.  For many, it was a long held dream to fly helicopters.  For others, a quest to be able to professionally train and fly for their country.  Many of Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy Alumni have returned as Instructors, passing the learning to the Next Generation of Helicopter Pilots.

Becker Helicopters in Numbers

Over the years Mike Becker wrote his own training manuals, now numbering 25.  These are the basis of the theory syllabus taught at Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy.  Many are now marketed and sold internationally.

In 2008 the company diversified into training pilots to fly with night-vision goggles specialising in customised training syllabus for military and para-military clients from around the world.

In 2013 Becker Helicopters won the National Telstra Australian Business Award for Australia’s best medium sized business.

In 2013 Becker Helicopters donated over $100,000 to local community and charity organisations.

As at 2014 Becker Helicopters operates 18 helicopters and employs over 70 fulltime staff and 30 contractors from its 7 training and engineering facilities at the Sunshine Coast Airport, Marcoola.  It trains more than 100 students a year, delivering approximately 15,000 hours of training per year.