Helicopter Expo – China (Media Article)

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Hoping to tap the growing demand in China for pilots, Becker Helicopters Pilot Academy is here to offer training packages in Queensland, Australia from abinitio through to commercial multi-engine and even for night vision goggles.

“We would be thrilled to be able to contribute in some way to the development of China’s helicopter industry, to help train China’s next generation of helicopter pilots,” says Mike Becker, who owns and operates the Academy with his wife, Jan.

“We are very focused on the needs of the client to create successful training programs. We cater for corporate, government and military clients who have a requirement for large numbers of cadets to complete Intial Entry Rotary Wing Program prior to returning to China to then complete their initial type conversion.”

The Academy partners with a specialist English Language college to provide an Aviation English Course designed [to] cover aviation specific vocabulary, radio communications, and theory preparation.
While here, Becker will launch his latest book on the use of night vision goggles (NVGs) in helicopter operations. “Night Vision Goggles for Helicopter Pilots” is the first book of its kind for civilian helicopter pilots. NVGs have typically been the domain of the military and the military-trained aviator.

Limited numbers of the book will be available from the Becker Helicopters booth here at the show.
Becker Helicopters offers training and an NVG Book at the China Helicopter Expo earlier this month.

The ShowNews reports http://bit.ly/BHSChinaShowNews select Page 6

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