Our Training Videos

When Capt. Mike Becker and his wife Capt. Jan Becker, established their Helicopter Flight School on the Sunshine Coast in Australia in 1997 Capt. Mike Becker saw a need for practical and visual representation of the board briefs that he gave to all his students. His enthusiasm, and knowledge is evident in all the Videos and DVDs.

This Helicopter Pilot Training Series can be used as a resource during helicopter flight training for students, instructors, flight schools or even the aviation enthusiast.

Becker Helicopters has been producing instructional and demonstrator videos and DVDs for over 15 years. Because of this not all videos have been re-made because most of the information is still relevant. Our Video Library has over 45 videos. These videos were made from as long ago as 1999 to as recent as 2015. We currently making our Video Library page which will be open in the future but we have provided samples below.

This video demonstrates the Handover Takeover Procedure. There are two procedures demonstrated:
1. Handing Over – where the Flying Pilot hands over control to the Non-Flying Pilot
2. Taking Over – where the Non-flying Pilot takes over control from the Flying Pilot.
This is a very important procedure to ensure it is clear who has control of the helicopter.
This procedure will be used a lot during the flight training sequences for handing over and taking over control of the helicopter between instructor and trainee pilot.