Where is Denver Silcock now?


Country: South Africa

When did you train at Beckers? 2000/2001

Why helicopters?  The bug bit at 16 when I did a trial instructional flight for a Christmas present. Work experience at 17 years confirmed that choppers were definitely the way to go!

Big challenge and why?  First the financial aspect and secondly the mental approach to the theory exams.

Most memorable flight?  First solo in the R22 and loads more since then, too many to mention!

What did you do when you finished?  I returned to South Africa and flew on a cattle station, hour building. I worked in the slaughterhouse to fill in the rest of the time. 100 hours allowed me to complete my SA CPL requirements then I progressed onto charter and vehicle recovery, B206 tourism and then offshore.

What are you doing now?  I work at Bristow Helicopters in Nigeria – flying offshore Sikorsky S76C+/++

How many hours have you logged?  3,650 total time

What are your ratings?  SACAA/FAA ATPL(H), IR, NVFR, S76, B407, B206, AS350, R44 and smaller ones.

What do you see yourself doing in 5 years?  Time will tell. 5 years is a very long time away in this game. Somewhere exotic with my family. I got a few ideas of how to get there. Short term is probably to tackle the JAA/Instructors/Fixed Wing. In fact a job back at Becker Helicopters would be sweet! Best Mike make me an offer I can’t refuse 😉 Oh and of course, playing a lot more golf!

Advice to those learning to fly?  If you’re contemplating training at Beckers, then go for it. Everything works in their favour and in turn it’ll work in your favour too! Highly professional and they maintain a family feeling. Beckers is becoming one of the training powerhouses, worldwide! Full Stop!

Advice on looking for work?  Get stuck in, get dirty and make sacrifices. Surround yourself with people that support and motivate you every step of the way. You will reach your goal!

Final words?  Keep the Blue Stuff above and the brown stuff below. Most of the time anyways!

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