Where is Christian Lismann now?


Age: 42 years

Country: Germany

When did you train at Beckers? March to December 2010

Why did you want to fly helicopters? It was always my dream and as I hadn’t enough funds when I was younger. I applied with the German Military Forces to do it with them but then there was a bad accident (with 70 fatalities) during a military airshow near my place in 1988, for which reason I decided to to refuse the obligatory military service and became a nurse instead. But later on, when I got better situated and had collected a bit of money I reactivated my old dream and did it.

Biggest challenge and why? Definitely hovering (it felt like balancing on the top of any egg and I thought I could never make it) and to be honest 180’s (shame on me).

Most memorable training flight? Landing on Mt Ninderry. Flight Test with Mike Becker and Night flying.

What are your thoughts about theory? Theory is an essential part. It tells why wind is your friend and why wires can kill you, RRPM is your life and drift is always measured from heading to track made good.

What are your thoughts about the Instructors? They are all passionate pilots and this is what they transfer.

What would you do differently in training now that you finished? Nothing

What are you planning to do with your licence? To get back into Australia. It’s pretty hard. So wherever it takes us to fly helicopters that will be our home.

Words of advice to those learning to fly? Keep on practicing and don’t give up!

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