Where is Bradley Noble now?


Age:  27 years

Country:  Australia

When did you train at Beckers?  January 2011 to July 2011

Why helicopters?  What they can do is amazing!  They are so versatile and great fun to fly too!

Biggest challenge and why?  Theory was tough, getting back into study mindset was difficult.  With the flying I think it is all challenging at first, but sling training was new level!

Most memorable flight?  My first attempt at the long line!  I was watching Matt (Flight Instructor). I watched him swing the load back and forth, then he did a few adjustments and the load stopped swinging.  He looked over at me, smiled and then said “now you try!”

What did you do after you finished training?  I went out with a heap of resumes and spoke to as many operators as I could.  My trip took me up to Cairns and everywhere before I stopped at an operator in Katherine (NT).  I was given an interview and a check ride, then I started the next day!

What are you doing now?  I am the Senior base pilot for Heli-Muster (NT) scenic operations.

Advice to those learning to fly?  Don’t rush yourself.

Advice to those looking for work?  Get out there!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?  In a helicopter somewhere.  The Rockies would be nice!

Final words?  From the day I made the first step towards a career in aviation I have met some great people.  They gave me their time and offered great advice from their experiences.  It would only help me improve.  To all those people I say, thank you!

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