Becker Helicopters on Noosa National Park Fires

The following is an article from the Sunshine Coast Daily.


Photo Caption: Becker Helicopters assisted with land crews in monitoring the fire on Noosa North Shore, Teewah yesterday.


A SUNSHINE Coast independent helicopter company was called to help contain a fire at Noosa North Shore.

The fire was burning through several hectares of dense national park near Lake Cooroibah.

Park rangers attempted to contain the blaze, although a change in weather sped up the fire and Queensland Fire and Rescue crews were called in to assist.

The fire broke containment lines as crews worked to back burn away from homes near Beach Rd.

Becker Helicopter owner Mike Becker said two helicopters were sent to aid crews containing the fire.

“Instead firefighters surveyed the area from the air and made assessments on the next action to take,” he said.


We acknowledge and thank the Sunshine Coast Daily for the article and Warren Lynam for the photo.

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